It is 06:30am and again I am getting used to the coffee after four days here. Looking out through the window the traffic on 3rd Avenue is just starting to thicken.


This is my city, my return trip after two or so years. A place where walking is easy and the geography is north to south and east to west, grid-simple: avenues and streets.


In a few more hours people will be everywhere in the June heat. Lou Reed’s city – “Baby you’re so vicious”.


A gorgeous jogger fly’s past the window of my coffee shop. It has been a hot week. Hot in several ways, hot sidewalks, hot people, catching up with hot friends.


Blue and red lights are flashing now, NYPD, I count seven cop cars heading up town. What’s their hot date at 06:45am?


My city and the city of my daughters; when I brought them over, not long ago, it was this time of the year. Megan still remembers the polar bears in Central Park Zoo, Bronnie remembers the Thai restaurant at which we feasted, when she saw it in the movie version of Sex in the City a month or so back; they both remember the Stores. I gave them New York and they have kept it and kept it fresh.


New York is Bryant Park and I went there again last night. This  a small green amphitheatre with is ceiling of trees and people walking sitting, lounging, chatting, reading or drinking in the bar at the east end of the park.


Yellow; one, two, three, four, five, six cabs flash by my coffee shop window.


“Have a great day” is the salutation from the coffee shop owner as she passes over another customer’s order – “How ya bin?”


Energy even when the streets are empty. This energy is western, washing away the silt in my head from too much preoccupation with my time in Asia. People her on are on move, hugging cell phones, hugging bottles of soda hugging cups of coffee.


New York: So fast and so easy, like slipping back into a very chic and very comfortable pair of shoes, shinny, bright and looking good. My New York.


A large stomach on a bicycle passes by the window and I drain my cup and prepare to head out onto the street. I have another meeting. In sync a couple leaves, they both look back, into my window, she smiles at me.


New York, I so got what I came for and the traffic noise says “Get to it buddy”. I am one lucky ‘mother.


“If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” CSN&Y.


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  1. James says:

    You paint the picture so well- both in drawings and writing, my friend. As an ex-New Yorker, really enjoyed this entry. Send my best to NYC.

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